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1 mg/0.8 mg per mL Syrup for Oral Drops
5 mg/2 mg per 5mL Syrup



Each mL contains:
Phenylephrine hydrochloride………………..1 mg
Brompheniramine maleate………………...0.8 mg

Each 5mL (1 teaspoonful) contains:
Phenylephrine hydrochloride………………..5 mg
Brompheniramine maleate………………....2 mg


Phenylephrine hydrochloride is a sympathomimetic with mainly direct effects on adrenergic receptors.  Phenylephrine hydrochloride and its salts are most commonly used and are frequently included in preparations for the symptomatic relief of nasal congestion, cough and cold symptoms.
Brompheniramine maleate, an alkylamine derivative is a sedating antihistamine with antimuscarinic and moderate sedative actions.  It is used for the symptomatic relief of allergic conditions, mainly rhinitis and conjunctivitis, a common ingredient of compound preparation for the symptomatic treatment of coughs and common colds.  The combination of  Phenylephrine hydrochloride and Brompheniramine maleate reduces excessive nasopharyngeal secretion and inflammatory mucosal edema and congestion in the upper respiratory tract.


Used in the treatment of common colds, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.


Phenylephrine hydrochloride has low oral bioavailability owing to irregular absorption and first-pass metabolism by monoamine oxidase in the gut and liver.  After oral administration, Brompheniramine maleate appears to be well-absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.  Peak plasma concentrations are achieved within about five hours.  An elimination half-life of about 25 hours has been reported.  Unchanged drug and metabolites are excreted primarily in the urine.



Phenylephrine hydrochloride
As a sympathomimetic, Phenylephrine hydrochloride has a longer duration of action than noradrenaline (norephinephrine) and an excessive vasopressor response may cause a prolonged rise in blood pressure.  It induces tachycardia or reflex bradycardia and should therefore be avoided in severe hyperthyroidism and used with caution in severe ischaemic heart disease.


Brompheniramine maleate
The most common side effect of the sedating anti-histamine is CNS depression, with effects varying from slight drowsiness to deep sleep, and including lassitude, dizziness, and incoordination (although paradoxical stimulation may occasionally occur, especially at high doses and in children and elderly).  These sedative effects, when they occur, may diminish after a few days with treatment.  Patients should not drive or operate machinery and avoid drinking alcohol.  Occasional gastrointestinal side-effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or epigastric pain.  Palpitations and arrythmias have been reported occasionally.  May sometimes cause rashes and hypersensitivity reactions (including bronchospasm, angioedema and anaphylaxis).


Phenylephrine hydrochloride
As sympathomimetic, special care is advisable in patients receiving antihypertensive therapy.  It reverses hypertensive effects of adrenergic neuron blockers such as guanethidine with a risk of severe hypertension.


Brompheniramine maleate
Sedating antihistamines may enhance the sedative effects of CNS depressants including alcohol, barbiturates, hypnotics, opiod analgesic, anxiolytic sedatives and antipsychotics. They have additive antimuscarinic action with other antimuscarinic drugs such as atropine and some antidepressants (both tricyclics and MAOis).


Adult:               10 mL (2 teaspoonfuls)
Children:          7-12 years           -              7.5 mL
                         5-6 years              -              5.0 mL
                         2-4 years              -              4.0 mL
To be taken three to four times daily, or as prescribed by the physician.






0.15 mL/kg body weight
4-6 years         -              2.5 mL to 3.0 mL
2-4 years         -              2.0 mL to 2.5 mL
1-2 years         -              1.5 mL to 2.0 mL
6-12 months    -              1.25 mL to 1.5 mL
3-6 months      -              1.0 mL to 1.25 mL
1-3 months      -              0.75 mL to 1.0 mL
To be taken three to four timed daily, or as prescribed by the physician.

Store at temperatures not exceeding 30 C.


Syrup                               -     in bottle of 60 mL
DR No.: XY29141
Syrup for Oral Drops   -  in bottle of 15 mL with dropper
DR No.: XY 29143



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